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The farm

Our passion for agriculture and respect for this work comes from the awareness that
“the land was not given to us as an inheritance from our fathers but borrowed from our children”.

Casa Zen is located in the hills of the Marcellise valley,
at around 300 meters above sea level, in a typically hilly landscape
featuring special terroir and biodiversity characteristics.

The land, situated on an average slope, is characterised by a high incidence of Lessinia limestone,
resulting in good water drainage and high lime content,
as well as moderate fertility;
It is in precisely in these types of soils that plants such as olive trees and vines
have the opportunity to best express their features,
not least that of longevity.

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The olive grove covers around 1.5 hectares, sitting mainly on grassy ledges, counting a total of 550 plants made up of typical local varieties among which Grignano and Favarol between the ages of 10 and 20 years stand out due to number and fame, but not only. There are other quality varieties such as Frantoio, Leccino, Casaliva, Pendolino and Leccio del Corno, which give this oil a perfect balance between bitter and spicy.

The collection process, manual with the aid of tools, and storage procedure (after removing leaves, no more than one day in crates before transfer) both contribute to the outstanding result.

The perfect combination between nature and human labour has thus resulted in excellent quality oil with a soft and delicate flavour.
Furthermore, our choice to collect the olives prematurely compared to the traditional timing of the area makes the fruity green note even more pronounced and fragrant, accentuating the colour to give a very bright green.
It has a mainly fruity and harmonious scent, rich with grassy notes.
Tasting it, however, you will appreciate the balance between softness and elegance.
It is also characterised by the strong flavour and bitterness typical of extra virgin olive oil produced in these hills. The oil thus produced, if properly stored, remains excellent even after a year, slightly losing the green and bitter note, maintaining the exceptional fruity smell and great elegance on the palate.
A cold extraction method is used (temperature below 25 degrees), filtering by decantation; quality control is carried out at each milling through a complete analysis of the product.
We can confirm that the analysis results of controls carried out over the past 3 years have been excellent from every point of view; in fact, very low acidity, very high levels of oleic acid and very high amounts of polyphenols were found.
This olive oil is recommended for traditional local dishes, but may also be used for fish or the preparation of sophisticated sauces.
Casa Zen olive oil has received ICEA Organic Certification and Veneto PDO Certification from AIPO (Interregional Association of Olive Producers).


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Harvest 2016 > Special Mention Diploma
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The vineyard covers around 5000 sq. m, on grassy ledges,
and is primarily made up of Corvina and Corvinone grapes,
typical of DOC Valpollicella Wine

Corvina is the most important grape variety used for Valpolicella wine, 
thanks to its special features during wine-making
and the phenolic properties that give the wine its structure and body.

The hand-picked grapes are placed in specific crates
where they are then stored indoors for drying.
The grapes we grow and treat organically
are currently used by local wine cellars
for the production of excellent red wines, including:

Vintage Valpollicella

a fine ruby-red wine that has a delicate fragrance with notes of cherry and rose, and a fresh, slightly bitter and intense taste.


Valpolicella Superiore

which is usually aged for at least a year, also ruby coloured with hints of garnet, a slightly vanilla fragrance and a harmonious, velvety taste.



is obtained by drying the grapes, storing them indoors for around 3-4 months, concentrating sugar and producing noble glycerol. The wine is an intense ruby red with hints of garnet; its fragrance recalls dried fruit, tobacco and spices, and it has a very intense taste, soft yet full-bodied.


Il Recioto

after drying the grapes stored indoors for around 100-120 days to obtain high sugar concentration, the interruption of alcoholic fermentation preserves high amounts of sugar, making Recioto an excellent dessert wine.

All wine produced is well structured and therefore also long lasting.